Web Design

Column Five Media

A website redesign for my agency Column Five Media. We wanted to differentiate our site from similar agency sites by introducing more of our own visual brand, so one of the challenges of this site design was finding a balance between introducing our brand elements and not drawing focus away from our work samples. Art direction by Camellia Neri and branding by the Column Five design team.

Initial style exploration

Before we started the web design process, I was involved with the early moodboard and style explorations. I cast a wide net, taking design samples from a variety of styles and explored what the header section could look like. Especially in these early stages I'm a big fan of plentiful, rapid iterations.

After the style direction was chosen, I created another series of header iterations, including the samples below. As we were under a tight timeline, we didn't have final assets yet but we had enough to show what the overall look would like. 

Once we had approval on the style concepts, I created the following web designs. Note that the assets are placeholder and differ from the final assets on the site as the other designers had to work in parallel with me in order to hit our tight deadline.