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Compassion in World Farming

The following is an interactive I created for Compassion in World Farming, an animal welfare organization. They initially asked us to create a "build your plate" tool where you could select individual ingredients and see what the environmental and animal impact of your meal would be. However, after ideating on the initial concept, I felt most users wouldn't take the time to measure out the quantity of each ingredient in their meals and even if they had done so, it would only show the impact for that particular meal.


So, as an alternative, I suggested the following two tools. The "Map Your Meal" tool shows commonly eaten meals and their impacts. The "Diet Impact" tool takes the user through a very short questionnaire to gauge their environmental and animal impact, without requiring them to fill out detailed quantities of ingredients like other similar questionnaires.


This interactive was selected as an Anthem Award finalist.

The Logic

I tried to think of various ways of how to get users to enter as accurate an estimate of their diet breakdown as possible without requiring a lot of time or mental calculation on their part.

Ultimately, I decided that it would be easiest to have users start by selecting the frequency of how much they ate of each food category. As meat consumption is the most relevant category for environmental impact, I added a second question to gauge the ratio of meat to non-meat consumption per meal. I then user tested among my coworkers and compared the survey generated results to their manual estimates and tweaked values as needed.