Various Illustrations

UCLA Food Studies Program

Illustrations I created for UCLA's new Food Studies program website.

Mailchimp Blog

Illustrations created for Mailchimp's blog series on small business leaders and their stories of how they built their businesses. I provided the animation direction, and the animation was executed by Lionell Guzman.


Email header illustration for Crossfit's international athletic competition. The left and right characters were previously created assets.


Two ad illustration concepts for Five9, a cloud contact center platform. I was only involved in the initial pitch phase so the illustrations are a little rough.

Portfolio Site

Illustrations and animations I created for my previous portfolio site. I was inspired by Piet Mondrian's geometric paintings and wanted to do my own playful take.


Illustrations I created for Kareo, a medical billing and practice management software company.

Friend's Projects

The first illustration is an album cover for my friend's band, The Bandra Report.

The second is a bookmark I created for my friend's non-profit, Weekly Writing Workshop, which encourages youth to practice writing through storytelling.

Personal Illustrations

Various illustrations I created for fun during college when I was starting to play around with digital illustration.

Family Art

Two pieces I created for my parents for Mother's and Father's Day.

Nate Wragg Character Design Class

Some drawings I made while I attended a CGMA character design class by Pixar character designer Nate Wragg.