Web Design

Various Websites

Portfolio site 2018

I created this site from scratch in 2018 to give my previous portfolio site a much needed face lift. The visual inspiration came from Piet Mondian's famous geometric paintings, and I wanted to create a playful, digital take on that.

While the developer I worked with set up the interactivity, I got my hands dirty with the CSS myself to lay out everything correctly at various screen sizes and dial in the timing of the motion. It also took a while to nail down the offset hover effects but I'm pretty pleased with the final effect. Development by Oskar Reczkowski.

Blizzard Interview Design Sample

I created this 6hr design sample as part of Blizzard's interview screening process. They asked me to take any of their existing Battle.net web pages and do my own fresh take on it. I leaned into the space theme and added layers of mist, glowing elements, and suggested a new icon style.

VideoAmp About Page

I created the following interaction for the leadership section of VideoAmp's about page.

Sigma Computing

The following are some pages I designed when I designed a new site for Sigma Computing, a cloud-based business analytics software.